Mercedes-Benz Parfums

Luxury fragrances for men and women, midway between excellence and the exceptional

Much more than a make of car, Mercedes-Benz is now a symbol of high standards, creativity, and innovation. And its badge with the three-pronged star is the emblem of a powerful, enduring brand that defies trends and consistently reinvents itself. 

Active in a number of creative fields and ever-mindful of culture, design and fashion, Mercedes-Benz has adopted luxury fragrances as one of its many passions. 

Charisma, expertise, an eye for detail and a taste for the rare and unexpected... Our fragrances  are imbued with the very essence of our brand. Our spirit. Our philosophy. 

Our fragrances for men and women play out an ingenious olfactive score. On a constant quest for quality and uniqueness, we have worked with renowned Master Perfumers including Honorine Blanc, Olivier Cresp and Dominique Ropion to create distinctive products imbued with character that leave a long, lingering trail behind them.

The luxury of virtuoso fragrances 

Each ingredient is chosen with infinite care. Each association is the result of meticulous, inspired work. Floral, fruity, woody, aromatic... Top notes and base notes intermingle, making the fragrance unique to every wearer. A blend of strength and delicacy, romanticism and power, mystery and sophistication, our eaux de toilette and eaux de parfum exalt the senses and impose their elegance. 

And because each of our creations is unique, our bottles are designed by talented artists and crafted by the best French master glass-makers. They are precious gifts to give or receive, time and time again. Because buying a Mercedes-Benz fragrance means upholding a certain concept of modernity and luxury. “The best or nothing at all”... A motto that you can wear with pride. 

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