Elegant and alcohol-free, our reed diffusers will durably decorate your interior with subtle and refined fragrances.

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Two reed diffusers, two moods

You can even enjoy the Mercedes-Benz experience at home, with the line of indoor fragrances available as candles, but also as diffusers. Cherry Blossom & Leather Woods tell a beautiful story. One of elegance and sensory pleasure. Mercedes-Benz moments...

With the reed diffusers from the Mercedes-Benz range of indoor fragrances, it’s up to you to choose the mood you want and the moment you’ll escape. Feel like curling up on the couch and letting yourself have a little daydream? Opt for Cherry Blossom, with a fruity and floral bouquet of cherry, rose, iris and sandalwood. Feel like taking a bit of time for yourself and listening to your favorite song? Choose Leather Woods, for a deliciously refined woody leather scent with head notes of tobacco and leather, heart notes of sandalwood and tonka bean and base notes of amber and sandalwood.

Mercedes-Benz fragrance diffusers: chic, timeless objects

With attention to detail and a level of expertise that no longer needs proving, Mercedes-Benz has created chic and sophisticated diffusers, which show once again the brand’s passion for design and beautiful things. As for the color palette, Cherry Blossom is a delight in powder pink, while Leather Woods features a sophisticated copper. The diffusers and candles from the same collection match in every way, for an even more intense sensory experience and coordinated home decor.

An elegant and environmentally responsible indoor fragrance

To develop this range, the iconic brand looked to England, a country with a history of excellence in indoor fragrances, and carefully selected both artisans and partners. The reed diffusers are alcohol free and all products used come from sustainable, renewable sources. 16 reeds give around 12 weeks of fragranced ambiance.

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